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  • What is your style?
    I prefer to shoot as much as possible in a documentary, candid style, in order to tell the story of your day. This is opposed to hours of posed and carefully staged photographs that tell no story and take you away from your friends and family. When editing, I prefer clean and timeless images over the brown, "moody" trend.
  • What about Portraits?
    Absolutely! While I prefer to work as much in a candid, documentary style as I can, I always set aside some time to do portraits of the couple (and wedding party). I keep these sessions to under 30 minutes (or less, as many of my couples prefer) to ensure you don't get burn out, and so that you have plenty of time to enjoy the day and be with your guests. My goal is for your memory to be of them, not me. During these sessions I keep things loose and fun, and am always open to suggestions. If you schedule and engagement session, you will have worked with me before, and this helps keep the portrait sessions fun and moving.
  • Can we do a First Look?
    Of course! From a photography perspective, deciding on whether or not to do a first look is one of the biggest decisions on your wedding timeline. My couples tend to split about 50/50 on whether or not to do a formal first look or a traditional, walking down the aisle first look. There are pros and cons to both, and I'm happy to consult on which option you feel makes sense for you.
  • Our parents will want family photos, is this ok?
    Yes! I understand that family photos are an important part of the wedding as they are the rare opportunity for everyone to be together. Before the wedding I will ask you to send me the list of the most important family group shots. I do ask my couples to keep the groupings to ten or less, that way we can get the group shots done quickly and efficiently to let you enjoy the day.
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